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What does the scaffolding tube production requirement?

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What does the scaffolding tube production requirement?
Issue Time:2019-07-11
Scaffolding is that people use in the building or special terms of the construction industry which; scaffold can play different roles in construction sites, etc; places for easier renovation and construction on the upper floors and no directly construction; scaffolding also for construction workers and roadside pedestrians provide security protection and perimeter security network maintenance and construction, and other high-altitude installation, scaffolding tube use as an important part of the scaffolding. 

In an inverted elbow, long radius elbows, as with the company scaffolding pipe rack, first select the specifications proposed pipe material. Expansion ratio, calculated by the theory of general expansion ratio between 33% -35%, pushed down back. Short Radius 219mm expanding general rate of 50%.

After selecting the scaffolding coupler material, press material specifications elbow, and then consider the radius of curvature, for example, through its curvature can calculate how long the material can be processed under; elbow. Through theoretical calculations can be calculated, then the length is cut to length. Finally, use the hot material to push the system.