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How does the mobile scaffolding develop in China?

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How does the mobile scaffolding develop in China?
Issue Time:2019-07-11
With the development of the construction industry mobile scaffolding has been widely promoted and use of mobile scaffolding. What are the characteristics to become the industry's star product in the market is very popular. What are the requirements for use in the process that we should pay attention to what it?

Width (or area), with a step height, spacing, etc. away from the wall to meet the workers manipulated material stacking and transportation needs; have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability; simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly and handling, can take advantage of multiple turnover; resourceful, drawn on the spot, economic and other appropriate.

Mobile scaffolding industry development and progress of late, since the founding of the reform and opening up, China's demand for scaffolding is mainly in the industrial and defense. After reform and opening, rapid economic development, people's living standards improved significantly, and boosting demand for scaffolding.  With the rapid development of the market of scaffolding, scaffolding coupler production also ended a long wandering of the situation and achieve rapid growth. Before construction Mobile scaffolding accessories need to develop a good work program, in strict accordance with program implementation and work to ensure that the use of mobile construction scaffolding accessories able to bring some convenience and safety.