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Specification and size of mobile scaffolding products

Specification and size of mobile scaffolding products
Issue Time:2019-07-10
Mobile scaffolding increasingly wide range of applications, with removable flexible, convenient transport, versatility and so on; in the scaffolding accounts for more than 60% use, is the most widely used, and is the most popular kind of scaffolding. And safety performance is relatively high, with the growing mobile of scaffolding types of specifications and dimensions of social needs, there are many common market mobile scaffolding specifications and size.

 1.wide usage, indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboards, bridges, building support walls scaffolding coupler.

2.multi-function can be used alone, dual-use, can be moved, using simple and quick.

3.high efficiency flexible, fast disassembly without screws, made with less efficiency.

4.large capacity, good stability

5.safe, reliable, self-locking joint capacity, standardized series.

6.easy to manage, neatly stacked.

7.economical and practical, low cost, small footprint, use a long time. The main products are mobile scaffolding, gantry movement galvanized scaffolding, scaffolding collapsed, new scaffolding, product variety, adequate supply to meet market demand for various construction building, with a number of patented technologies.