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What requirements shall meet when erecting steel tubular scaffolding project

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What requirements shall meet when erecting steel tubular scaffolding project
Issue Time:2019-07-10
Steel scaffolding used scaffolding in the construction for project more kinds. 
(1)  Both facilities construction scaffolding are safe facilities, large projects the investment is large. Each requirement is not the same, erection of steel scaffolding in the process need to pay attention to hat are the requirements grade requirements. Scaffolding are selected 3.5mm of A3 steel, smooth surface, no rust, cracks, stuttering, delaminating, dislocation, indentation, burrs, road planning and hard bend, the new pipe must have factory certification .

(2) before the erection of scaffolding, steel pipe should be maintained and painted in rust color, fastener old rust should be dealt with. Scaffolding pole, guard rails, skirting lever unified paint yellow, orange scissors unified paint, paint the bottom row pole sweep shot red and white colors. Fasteners

(3) steel scaffolding erection should comply with the Ministry of Construction "pipe scaffold fastener standards", by having fastener production permit manufacturers to provide, without cracks, necking, defects such as trachoma. Should be carried out before the old fasteners using QA, cracks, deformation is strictly prohibited, there bolt slide wire must be replaced. Scaffolding coupler fasteners and pipe specifications should match stick and planing, active portion of flexible pipe clamp opening when the minimum distance is not less than 5mm.