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Special construction plan for mobile scaffolding erection

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Special construction plan for mobile scaffolding erection
Issue Time:2019-07-10
Scaffolding can not be used as a template support. Prohibit the following illegal operations in the course: Never put planks supported on windows and doors, plumbing.

 Shelves stacked material shall not be too concentrated. Are not allowed on the scaffolding then pull the cable. Forbid any lever and loosen nut fastener scaffolding dismantled and moved on. Work on the shelf, tools and materials to be placed safe, are not allowed to remain lightly. Are not allowed to dismantle any protective measures on the scaffold. Not allowed to freely dismantle, cut hard and soft segment scaffold Rachel, are not allowed to arbitrarily dismantle scaffolding coupler safety facilities, such as the construction hinder the construction must be approved by the responsible person for approval prior to hinder the removal site. 

Prohibited in the scaffolding play slapstick. Degree tilt regular observation scaffolding, scaffolding tilt or sink if found after going to check why immediate rectification. Always check each fastener is loose, whether sliding is levering. Check scaffold board is intact, if found damages to be replaced immediately.