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Difference of manufacturing welded tubes and seamless welded tubes

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Difference of manufacturing welded tubes and seamless welded tubes
Issue Time:2019-07-08
Many people are not very clear on the difference between ordinary and seamless scaffolding tube and pipe; in fact, from the pipe names can think of their main differences. But today seamless professional sales  is going to give you a little introductory and let our friends have a general understanding.

Forming process. Ordinary steel, such as water pipes, typically by a flat plate by bending welding together, you can find a seam in the above; generally thicker diameter spiral weld. The molten steel seamless pipe is generally in the molten state through an annular slit and then stretched out the backlog of processing such as molding process.

In performance, especially compared with ordinary steel, has greatly improved on the bearing capacity; it is often being used for high-voltage equipment. Hydraulic equipment such as piping connections. Ordinary steel pipe welds has its weak link, the weld quality is also a major factor in its overall performance impact. People who lived in the north generally have had water pipe or heating pipe burst in the winter as cold experience explosive place are generally weld.