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Briefly analyze how to write scaffolding construction plan

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Briefly analyze how to write scaffolding construction plan
Issue Time:2019-07-08
Rod and fastener selection Specifications and Requirements
1 lever OD 48mm, wall thickness of 3.5mm steel;

2 Selection Requirements: No uneven pipe fittings, faultless crack and deformation, no rust.

3 fastener specifications and requirements

Scaffolding solid protection measure
1 diagonal rod distance: Press longitudinal pole pitch, 30m above high-rise scaffolding tube set a different direction every pair of 7200mm; 30mm or less 9000mm scaffolding set a different pair every direction. If a facade scaffold longitudinal distance is less than 7200mm, set the single-span zigzag diagonal bar.

 2 oblique angle lever: oblique angle lever being set up, with the ground 45 ° --60 ° angle. Total vertical distance longer scaffolding facade, should take appropriate angle of 60 °.

 3 diagonal rod forming: not to take a long diagonal rod butt fastener connection should be used lap joint. Lap distance not less than 1000mm, and with two rotating fastener securely connected, fastener from the joint position of not less than 100mm. As shown below. Lengthening under the direction of the lever being connected to a long rod stacked.