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Different kinds of scaffolding have various features and advantages.

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Different kinds of scaffolding have various features and advantages.
Issue Time:2019-07-08
Selection of different types of construction scaffolding and templates for different purposes bracket. ASTower aluminum scaffolding characteristics:

1, all of the components using a special aluminum scaffolding tube aluminum alloy, 75% lighter than conventional steel

2, high-strength connecting components: The external pressure in the expansion of new cold process, destroy scaffolding fitting pull-off force reached 4100-4400Kg, much greater than 2100Kg allowable pull-off force.

3, easy and quick installation; equipped with high-strength casters, removable.

4, the overall structure of a "building block" modular design, without any installation tools.

5, quality assurance: the Ministry of Construction to meet technical and safety standards, product quality standards in line with ISO9001.

Aluminum quick scaffolding aerial platforms solve problems, it can according to the actual needs of the height of the lap, there is 2.32M / 1.856M / 1.392M three height specifications. There are two broad type and clock Narrow width specifications. Narrow frame can narrow ground lap, convenient and flexible. He meets the wall angle, narrow stairs at the space requirements of aerial work is a good helper for enterprise Spider-Man.