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Safety and efficiency are two points to determine if scaffolding is good

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Safety and efficiency are two points to determine if scaffolding is good
Issue Time:2019-07-05
Measure scaffolding quality standards are its security and its construction efficiency is high, you should first assess the mechanical structure design is reasonable, whether the application can maximize their security requirements. Stent system in different buildings are mostly multi-pole structures, is composed of many single Zhigan member or stent, a different node connection erection up a complete application system.

Different systems in the design because of its nodes are connected in different ways, resulting from a mechanical point of view the structure, the overall security is also different, especially in the larger load bearing support applications. Second, because a single limb or lever bracket is composed of the basic unit of the whole system, its manufacturing process and product consistency is another key factor.

In construction, the cost of formwork and scaffolding, and accounted for about 30% of the total project cost, while templates and erection and dismantling scaffolding tube work holder, accounted for more than 50% of total working hours. Therefore, the efficient use of the building will become stent system design active pursuit of another principle. A good scaffold design, in addition to its pursuit of security on the outside, will be on the construction efficiency have excellent performance.