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Several tips for scaffolding on different construction site

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Several tips for scaffolding on different construction site
Issue Time:2019-07-04
1. Industrial and civil buildings erected scaffolding tubes, scaffolding implementation of a comprehensive quota. 

 2. Single scaffolding can not calculate the area and must be used when building scaffolding project. 

 3. The same building with most high eaves, vertical partitions for different applications according to the corresponding quota, canopy height basement (basement semi-basement), scaffolding quota projects. 

 4. The project has been fully synthetic scaffold of internal and external scaffolding, ramps, feeding platform, painted metal frame, safety nets, protective railings, edges, and security measures, and multi-storey buildings (not counting the construction area) within the layer of 2.2 meters technical level, utility room, garage and other scaffolding. Using the integrated bamboo, wood, metal and other factors, as marketing costs, may not be due to the different installation methods or materials and conversion. 

 5. The height of the ceiling more than 3.6 meters, the ceiling and walls decorated with another mobile scaffold scaffolding project; ceiling (wall) brushing teeth, pointed out that the wall (ceiling) are decorated calculated according to 50% of the project scaffolding, walls and ceiling brush or pointed out that 20% calculated based on the full scaffold; moreover Additionally, horizontal or vertical projection area of ​​the scaffolding is no longer cost calculation. Mobile scaffolding outdoor corridors, balconies if you meet the above conditions, under scaffolding.