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Tips when removing the multi-pole standing scaffolding products

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Tips when removing the multi-pole standing scaffolding products
Issue Time:2019-07-04
1 ) scaffolding removed , the job should be divided into zones , located around the fence or warning signs erected , the ground command designated persons prohibited non- operating personnel to enter.

2 ) removal of scaffolding workers in high places , must wear a helmet , wear seat belts, tie legging , wear soft -soled shoes .

 3 ) the order to be followed by the removal of the scaffolding on and on, after the first ride demolition , demolition after take the first principle . That is the first demolition of railings, scaffold boards , scissors , bracing , after the demolition of a small bar , a large bar , pole , etc., according to the principles of clear step sequentially , and down at the same time is prohibited to dismantle the frame scaffolding work .

 4 ) pole when the demolition , should hold the pole and then open the last two buckle , scaffolding removed a large bar , bracing , when the scissors , you should split the middle button , then hold the middle, then the solution ends buckle .