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Five functions for installing scaffolding

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Five functions for installing scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-07-03
First: Installation is quick : Mobile scaffolding installation process is very simple , just be able to quickly install and removal with one hammer.

Second: Safe and reliable: the bar close to the pole and plug combination , a large contact surface , the safer construction . And a wedge bolt interspersed independent self-locking mechanism , due to the action of the interlock and gravity , even if the plug is not tight knock , the bar can not come off the plug.

Third: adaptability : Mobile scaffolding buckle due to the structure and characteristics of the disc , the bar can be assembled with a variety of different angles , apply to the use of different shapes of buildings.

Fourth: large carrying capacity : mobile scaffolding reliable axial shear force , and a variety of bars axially intersect at one point , while more than double the connection rod connector Bowl , good overall stability.

Fifth : Good overall performance : the mobile frame scaffolding series of standardized components , accessories, universal , easy to transport and manage , no loose parts, low loss, less post-investment .