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Scaffolding products on construction site shall be non-combustible

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Scaffolding products on construction site shall be non-combustible
Issue Time:2019-07-03
On construction site scaffolding and safety nets must use flame-retardant materials , and should eliminate flammable polyurethane foam insulation for exterior and interior decoration . In fact, high-rise building fire in whole world is to rely on the building itself to achieve the purpose of fire fighting facilities insurance but I turn the fire, which has occupied the external decoration, and this action should be absolutely prohibited inside or evacuated off, or you use non-combustible decoration materials , non-combustible insulation materials , non-combustible scaffolding.

Scaffolding can be followed along the external walls of the lift with the construction process. When the structure from the bottom up layer by layer to enhance the construction. Lift frame scaffolding strength, stability and fixed the lifting method to conduct a detailed design, and appropriate test to be carried out. 

Scaffolding for the construction and erection of the material, shelf stacker and temporary structures used in construction operations, provide a working platform or operating channel for the construction of important facilities.