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Standing poles of scaffolding shall place on solid ground

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Standing poles of scaffolding shall place on solid ground
Issue Time:2019-07-03
Scaffolding uprights should be placed on a solid foundation, columns plus steel pedestal with concrete blocks or solid wood thick pad good ( wood mat is not suitable for high-rise construction ) should be added sweep ruche strong. Can not be buried in the ground steam pipe or chimney in the soil adjacent duct often heated, located above the water table within the brick or cinder sand , and special soil boring .

Civil construction of more than eight (22.5 meters ) Suspension scaffold use , safety nets have to be followed to complete the set task layer ( ie, full pull ) , the extent of the network set up a four intervals in accordance with a channel length of the erection of the first floor of the necessary safety net.

Scaffolding requirements of vertical uprights, vertical error in a corner uprights shall not exceed 0.5%, a pillar shall not exceed 1% of the construction of eight external frame scaffolding column spacing shall not exceed 2 meters, vertical spacing of the longitudinal extent of the pipe is not greater than 1.8 m and use the joint member, tightening bolts , bearing rod longitudinal extent necessary support on top of the crossbar, disable fail information.