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Two major problems in the design of scaffolding products

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Two major problems in the design of scaffolding products
Issue Time:2019-07-02
1.heavy scaffolding should have a clear understanding , if the slab thickness generally exceeds 300mm, it should be considered in accordance with heavy scaffolding design change , scaffolding load over 15KN / mm2, we should organize experts. To distinguish those parts of the pipe length changes bearing a greater impact on the upper part of the template bracket should consider a free length should not be too long , generally less than 500mm is appropriate ( in the new specification may be revised ) , when most general computing Pole step by step the top and bottom maximum force , should be the main point calculation . When carrying capacity should increase dissatisfaction group claim pole decrease step.

 2.the current prevalence of domestic frame scaffolding substandard steel, fasteners , backwater and the end of care and other materials quality , the actual construction of theoretical calculation does not take into account these.

Overall, the market resources , the high line and three seismic reinforcement more stock, and the recent inventory are in down mode.