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Welded scaffolding with couplers are widely used in 1950s

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Welded scaffolding with couplers are widely used in 1950s
Issue Time:2019-07-02
Japanese use of scaffolding wood scaffolding to the beginning of the 50s -style large-scale application fastening pipe scaffold. In 1953 the United States first developed A frame scaffold , soon Europe also has introduced and developed such a scaffold , forming a variety of gantry system. In 1955, many Japanese construction companies began to introduce such a gantry scaffolding, but it was the Japanese -style fastener pipe scaffold applications still dominant. 

Later, due to the type fastening pipe scaffold accidents continue to occur , according to reports, it had 2856 casualties in a year , so in 1958, after the fastener type pipe scaffold collapse accident occurred again , scaffolding safety is on the agenda , with particular emphasis on the safety of the scaffolding . Because of their ease door scaffold assembly and disassembly, bearing good performance , safe and reliable, in large quantities in a number of engineering applications.

 In addition , to accelerate the development and construction of real estate , especially in first-tiercities and the protection of ordinary residential housing construction , will also become an important aspect of steady growth.