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Scaffolding tube Q195 common carbon steel pipe is widely used

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Scaffolding tube Q195 common carbon steel pipe is widely used
Issue Time:2019-07-02
At present, scaffolding tubes and other common carbon Q195 pipe, pipe scaffold are used in foreign developed countries as they have generally low-alloy pipes. Compared with the low-alloy steel pipe Carbon steel pipe, the yield strength can be increased by 46%, the tensile strength increased by 30% and weight by 27%, atmospheric corrosion resistance increased by 20% to 38%, life increased by 25%. 

Because of the low alloy pipe tensile strength, yield strength, mechanical and physical properties to withstand axial bearing pressure and tensile strength and resistance to atmospheric corrosion and other chemical properties are much better than ordinary carbon steel. 

Therefore, low-alloy materials as carbon steel pipe manufactured scaffold scaffolding replacement products, so that our scaffolding pipe to the next level. The product has excellent economic and social effects. To this end China template Association as early as in November 1997 has issued a document that "low-alloy scaffold pipe is imperative." New Formwork and scaffolding Extension Service Center meeting in July 1999 held in Beijing, "the development of low-alloy steel pipe scaffolding, scaffolding in order to gradually replace the ordinary" has been explicitly incorporated into the content of the Ministry of Construction focus on the frame scaffolding promotion of 10 new construction technologies.