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The Manufacturing Art of Frame Scaffolding is Quite Simple

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The Manufacturing Art of Frame Scaffolding is Quite Simple
Issue Time:2019-07-01
The production process of the scaffold used is very simple, the main raw material is to use Φ48 × 3.5, Q235 welded pipe and the upper and lower welding Bowl, or even the old-fashioned type fastener frame scaffolding improvement. In addition to the production process is simple, is relatively modest in terms of cost.

Scaffold in life than a lot of scaffolding fastener, the scaffold can generally use about 10 years since the abandoned bolt connection. Member touched by knock -resistant. Even if rust does not affect cannibalize use.

There are many forms of scaffold, scaffold attached to the structure, usually lifting or lifting equipment is fixed and independent of the scaffold from the bearing bracket, bearing bracket fixed to the concrete structure, use the load-bearing frame scaffold frame body lift after lift scaffold frame body structure and fixed in place , re-use of scaffold frame body together with the load-bearing frame lifting device to a new height and fixed. Mobile scaffolding applications, there are special provisions on management.