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What deviation is allowed when erecting frame scaffolding?

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What deviation is allowed when erecting frame scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-06-28
According to the provisions of the frame scaffolding deviation above correction stride, vertical distance, horizontal distance and vertical pole of the scaffold, recently there has been a slight rebound, but the latter part of the scaffolding affected by market trends, continued rebound of the screw may be greater pressure.

1) basic technical requirements: The project falls on the part of the basement roof scaffolding and outdoor backfill, after winning the bearing capacity of the roof and the foundation for acceptance.

2) the permissible level of scaffolding pole vertical deviation 25mm.

3) Pitch: Step ± 20mm, longitudinal distance ± 50mm, horizontal distance ± 20mm.

4) longitudinal horizontal bar height, one rod ends ± 20mm, with two longitudinal horizontal bar across the inner height ± 10mm.

5) Each fastener at a mutual distance of the center of the master node ≤150mm.

6) synchronous scaffold pole on two spaced docking fastener height difference ≥500mm.

7) longitudinal horizontal bar docking fastener to the primary node distance ≤La / 39) fastening bolt tightening torque torque 40 ~ 65N • m, scissors oblique angle with the ground rod 45 ° ~ 60 °.