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Reliable scaffolding shall equip with high stability and rigidity

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Reliable scaffolding shall equip with high stability and rigidity
Issue Time:2019-06-28
Construction safety , the scaffolding safety is a top priority , and the factors that constitute the scaffolding safety is threefold : Scaffolding own safe and reliable ; scaffolding security measures ; scaffolding safe operation.

Scaffolding manufacturers of quality and reliable performance , processed according to the relevant technical knowledge designed to meet the needs of the construction aspect of the building , below the scaffolding manufacturer to introduce you to several aspects of scaffolding safety factors: Secure scaffolding should have sufficient firmness and stability under specified load warm calm weather conditions allow , can guarantee the stability of the scaffolding structure , do not shake , small shake , no tilt, no settlement , no collapse .

To ensure safe and reliable scaffolding , make sure the frame scaffolding unit should form a stable structure ; frame body according to the provisions set tilt rods , scissors Supporter , even the walls or support rods , tension member . In the passage , the hole and other structures need to increase the size ( height , span ) or subjected to a specified load the site, or pull the lever to strengthen the strut according to need.