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Scaffolding must set for workers up and down vertical ladders and ramps

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Scaffolding must set for workers up and down vertical ladders and ramps
Issue Time:2019-06-27
Lighting scaffold erected on the line must have insulator or other insulating support ; height of 20m or more, without scaffolding within the scope of protection of the lightning must establish a separate lightning rod , lightning protection devices must comply with safety requirements. 

Laying scaffold boards should be met: paved , smooth , firm, without probe plate ; head lap double rail should be located ; corners ( bend ) at the overlap should be staggered ; lap length should be greater than 2Ocm, and construction, vertical distance from the surface of structures should be 20cm; scaffold boards should be taken after the laying of reinforcement measures to prevent warping move or shift . Height of 30m above the height of steel scaffolding and wood, bamboo scaffolding, should be specially designed 15m or more, before they can erection . Selection of different types of construction scaffolding and templates for different purposes bracket. 

Currently, the bridge support bracket using scaffolding Bowl majority, also used gantry scaffolding . Main structure construction scaffolding fastener and scaffolding floor and mostly scaffolding pole vertical distance is generally 1.2 ~ 1.8m; horizontal distance is generally 0.9 ~ 1.5m.