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Galvanized scaffolding in different ways with different properties

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Galvanized scaffolding in different ways with different properties
Issue Time:2019-06-26
Today in the Chinese market, the secondary frame mobile scaffolding accessories galvanized varieties can be divided into hot galvanized, all cold galvanizing , split cold galvanized , rust disposal.

Different ways of galvanized scaffolding varieties are with different properties and characteristics and the use of different materials galvanized mobile scaffolding accessories shall be paid attention to for its usage characteristics, to ensure the use and quality of life scaffolding accessories .

Different galvanizing demand different attentions and processing will follow different time indifferent. Some changes will occur. All use age can be in about five years. Therefore, the use of mobile scaffolding accessories division pay attention to take care of themselves to make use of life for more value in the use of even to be more perfect .

Cold galvanized increases all parts of the use of scaffolding including the galvanized scaffolding planks for sale life of about 5 years , and do not need to maintain the appearance of moderate cost. Secondary processing is: good welding galvanized scaffolding parts again , every part of the appearance are galvanizing.