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How many scaffolding kinds you can in the project

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How many scaffolding kinds you can in the project
Issue Time:2019-06-26
China is now using steel material in the production of steel tubular having scaffolding bowl button steel scaffolding, socket-type steel scaffolding.  There are all kinds of scaffolding , hanging scaffolding and other steel materials pick scaffolding. Its materials and construction situation to begin , and can be roughly divided as follows

1 )     It only uses a specification of steel , such as steel tubular scaffold , only Ф48 & times; 3.5 of welded steel pipe

2 )      a combination of a variety of specifications of steel scaffolding . It consists of two or more different specifications of steel pipes , such as gantry scaffolding planks.

3)      consisting mainly of steel scaffolding . Namely steel-based , supplemented by other types of scaffolding steel rod member constituted as provided base channel backwater or scaffolding , there are challenges of connecting plate.

By the friction force transmission contact surface. Namely by frictional contact surfaces at the node after pressing reaction force to support the rail loading and pass pole , such as the role of fasteners , bolts through positive pressure on the friction force ;By the pin shear force have transmission.