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Frame scaffolding introduction Analysis

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Frame scaffolding introduction Analysis
Issue Time:2019-06-25
This scaffold has a gate-shaped , H -shaped, triangular , square and other forms , including development of the first gate-shaped scaffold , usage is also up in Europe, America , Japan and other countries , its use accounts for about 50 percent of all types of scaffolding planks. Gate Scaffolding this scaffold consists of main frame , horizontal frame , post * brace, scaffold boards, adjustable base and other components . Gate Scaffolding first successfully developed by the United States , it has a simple assembly and disassembly , bearing good performance , safety and other characteristics can be * , the development of fast .

By the 1960s , Europe , Japan and other countries have introduced and developed since the 1970s this kind of scaffolding , scaffolding gantry country has introduced from Japan, the United States , Britain and other countries , used in some high-rise building construction. 
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By the early 1980s, some domestic manufacturers began trial gantry scaffolding, products widely used in construction in some areas , to achieve better results