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What steel does the frame scaffold and accessories use .

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What steel does the frame scaffold and accessories use .
Issue Time:2019-06-25
Gate Scaffolding and accessories used in steel , steel , to ensure the weld ability of conditions , allowing the use of consistent or higher than Q235 and Q235 steel mechanical function of the material . When using tensile strength , yield point lower than Q235, without affecting the links and structure conditions , with added thickness allows the lack of a way to compensate strength. But when calculating the weight of the reliable scaffolding planks should be thinking about the added elements of its own weight . 

Frame scaffold and accessories in addition there are special requirements, the material should GB700 " carbon structure steel" in Q235B steel rule fit.  Rolled steel and hot rolled steel sheet is necessary to meet the GB708 and GB709 discrimination rules. 

Adjustable base and adjustable bracket screw should be 35 round , processed by milling together. When conditioning wrench made ​​of cast iron materials, should fit GB567 " malleable iron " in KT = 33-8 grade requirements.