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Development History of Ringlock Scaffolding

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Development History of Ringlock Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-06-24
Before the buying ringlock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding construction scheme standard specification is a standardized size manufacturer production. Ringlock scaffolding is widely used in: general viaduct bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, building, elevated water tower, power plants, refineries and power plants, refineries and support design and special workshop, applies to the flyover, span the scaffolding, storage shelves, chimney, water tower and indoor and outdoor decoration, large-scale concert stage, background, the stands, balcony, modeling, stair system, the party stage set-up, sports stadium and other engineering.
 The product in the 1980s from Europe is the second scaffold after the upgrading of products. Also known as daisy disc scaffold system, insert disc scaffold system, roulette scaffolding systems, deduction disc scaffold, layer frame (layer planes, Rhea planes, because the basic principle of the scaffolding by the German LAYHER ( Rhea ) Company invention, there is also the industry known as " Rhea frame ." It is mainly used for large-scale concert lighting stands, background frame, disc scaffolding, the scaffold is following the upgrading of products.
This scaffolding outlet is diametrically 133mm, 10mm thick disc, the disc opening eight holes, using φ48 * 3.5mm, Q345B steel shots member on every 0.60m pole is welded on a certain length of pipe disc, with this new and beautiful disc connected to rail, bottom end sets. Rails are welded on the pipe ends with a plug material.