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Different applications require building scaffolding of difference

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Different applications require building scaffolding of difference
Issue Time:2019-06-21
Scaffolding means the difference between :
1.      Scaffolding project has been integrated within a comprehensive , external scaffolding , ramps , loading platforms, metal frame paint , peace networks, guard rails , limb and hole peace protective measures, as well as multi-layer construction 
storey in within 2.2m technical level , utility room , garage and other scaffolding.  Selected materials combine bamboo , wood, metal and other factors, as marketing expenses lump sum , shall not approach or erection of different materials and conversion. 

2.     Scaffolding is required when individual and erection of scaffolding can not be calculated using the project as a construction 

3 .      Where the industrial and civil construction was the erection of scaffolding, it is the implementation of integrated 
fixed scaffold-ing. 
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4.      Vertical extent of protective frame and protective frame , means other than the erection of scaffolding alone for vehicular 
access , pedestrian access , construction and other protective measures protective frame .