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Construction of scaffolding ground base and foundation.

Construction of scaffolding ground base and foundation.
Issue Time:2019-06-21
Construction of scaffolding foundation and ground base shall conduct according to real situations. Tamping of the ground soil or refilled soil according to erection height of scaffolding projects. generally speaking, the base bearing capacity is 0.8kg/cm2.

Use C20 to pouring concrete until they are hardened. The bottom elevation of scaffolding is 50mm higher than that of natural land. Build 20*20cm of sectional size of drainage drench outside scaffolding standing tubes.

How to settle ledgers and transoms are of essential importance when erecting scaffolding products as inappropriately set can cause risks or potential dangers for the working platform. For outside scaffolding for sale frame, set ledgers at the crossing joints of standing tubes and transoms. The two ends of ledgers shall fix on standing tubes to make sure safety load bearing. Ledgers shall set under the transoms while above the top props. The extrusion length of ledgers shall be no more than 10cm and keep them on one level.