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How many features does the mobile scaffolding have

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How many features does the mobile scaffolding have
Issue Time:2019-06-20
Most of the mobile scaffoldings are featured as fast built, stable, flexible and adaptable. And the scaffolding products are processed with cold dipped galvanization and erosive resistance. They can be used in the industries of construction and decoration and other auxiliary facilities. Their erection height can be 6-10 meters on an area of 15-40 square meters.

Reliability: the frame scaffolding plays to the full the role of frame composite products with sound stability. The passageway is steady and even and the whole structure is steady and reliable. In order to secure a longer working time without any erosion, the inside and outside of products have already been hd galvanized to improve the anti-erosive property. The working time can also be elongated .

Economical property: been hot dipped galvanized on the high strength steel materials, one piece of frame scaffolding is light weighted and durable. The painting cost and maintenance cost can be saved accordingly. The erection of frame scaffolding can use simple tools without other complex instrument and its working efficiency can be improved by 50-60%.