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Regulations on use scaffolding in a safe way

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Regulations on use scaffolding in a safe way
Issue Time:2019-06-20
Working load on 1m2 working platform shall not exceed such regulated values or designed values including the working staff, material and machines. For working load standard value, the structural scaffolding shall use 3kn and the working scaffolding shall use 3kn.

Building materials on the working platform shall be put in an arranged way so they will not disturb the normal works of construction workers and scaffolders. The highest working height of scaffolders on the platform shall be limited within the normal operation standards and it is forbidden to increase the working height by adding backing materials at the scaffolding bottom or add single scaffolding on the scaffolding base.

During the working process, it is forbidden to dismantle basic tubes, frames, or the tubes as one unit and other couplers and fixations. If any malfunction of scaffolding elements and accessories found in the construction process, stop working immediately until all the risks and mistakes erased and removed.