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The requirements on the welded tubes when making scaffolding

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The requirements on the welded tubes when making scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-06-19
The welded tubular scaffolding shall adopt welded pipes of a OD of 48-51cm, wall thickness of 3-3.5mm and there shall also be no erosion, curves or any other squash or crack.The connection of welded scaffolding shall use malleable iron couplers and it is forbidden to use any other lead wire or other material to fasten.

Other coupler kinds for further information

Couplers: fastened by bolts to connect

Right angle couplers: connect with rectangular crossing tubes and rods.

Swivel couplers: connection between parallel or diagonal tubes

Sleeve couplers: butt connection between tubes and rods

Anti-skid couplers: non-connection purpose couplers added according to anti-skid requirement

Tie members: connect the scaffolding building

Rigid tie members: use steel tubes, couplers or pre-forecast elements to make tie members

Flexible tie members: tie members that use steel reinforced tube as tie bars.

Base plate: at the bottom of standing tubes

Fixed base plate: which can not adjust the backing plate height of the base plate

Adjustable base plate: whose height can be adjusted

Backing plate: supporting plate at the bottom of the base plate.