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Coupler means something to the whole scaffolding system

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Coupler means something to the whole scaffolding system
Issue Time:2019-06-18
The coupler is to the scaffolding what the scaffolding is to the construction industry in China. For scaffolding system, the coupler ought to have enough strength and duration, and the elasticity shall not be forgotten as it is also one of the most important factors. T shape scaffold kinds coupler belongs to one of the scaffolding coupler kind, which is mainly used in the steel tubular buildings.

Scaffolding couplers are easy to maintain and repair, which are not easy to be rustic and damaged, so the maintenance can be much easier to reduce the repairing cost.

The manufacturing methods of scaffolding couplers can be categorized as hot pressed on the covering plate and in the middle parts. Make blanks from the steel plate’s pressing and then heat the blanks. Press the heated blanks into the shape of covering plate and cool it. Then use punching machines to punch for holes on the holes. Lastly, curl the two sides of plate on the pouting machine. A scaffolding coupler comes into being.