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What shall be paid attention when removing the scaffolding?

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What shall be paid attention when removing the scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-06-18
There are many precautions shall be paid attention to when removing the scaffolding. Once there is any careless in the process, some fatal accidents will happen.

1      it is forbidden to use wood plate or steel plate of the size of 50mm*100mm as standing platforms for workers when removing the scaffolding.

2       use ladders or staircases to walk upside or downside for the working at height. It is forbidden to stand or walk on the wall surface or bottom formwork of the beam.

3      when remove the scaffolding, the workers shall standing at safe range on the construction site so as to avoid the work on one same vertical platform upside and downside.

4      the removal of scaffolding shall be completed at one time and there shall be left with non-support formworks. The removed formworks shall be cleared timely and staged neatly.

5      check the pre-prepared holes around the building before the removal of the scaffolding and set protection and enclosing measures to avoid any falling accidents from the holes.