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What are the differences between Chinese scaffolding and Japanese

What are the differences between Chinese scaffolding and Japanese
Issue Time:2019-06-17
For the Japanese market, there are more than multiple kinds and styles of scaffolding and its elements being developed and researched. The number of factories manufacturing scaffoldings and accessories has exceeded 460 which is more than the number of factories steel formworks. The product kinds include the frame scaffolding and H frame scaffolding as well as the frame scaffolding with spigots. Other kinds include the cuplock scaffolding, the ringlock scaffolding, jack scaffolding, slot scaffolding and scaffolding with couplers. Most of the coupler used in the scaffolding are made of steel plate with multiple kinds, which can be widely used in each construction project. According to accumulations, the frame scaffolding accounts for the majority application part of the market.

However, the Chinese scaffolding market appears to mark another kind of technique level.

At present, Chinese manufacturers are making efforts to catch up with the edge-cutting techniques and skills. And now the gaps between it and the advanced market is becoming smaller and smaller. And requirement imposed on the standards of scaffolding from Chinese market is much more serious, such there shall be no gaps between the dense mesh and the scaffolding body, also between the connection joints of the scaffolding to provide a secured working conditions for all scaffolders.