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The advantages can you get from the ringlock scaffolding

The advantages can you get from the ringlock scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-06-14
Cost effective and beautiful in design
Due to it is the heavy weighted scaffolding frame, the supporting strength of each single tube can reach 20 tons and the regular space between scaffolding body is 150*150*150cm, whose amount can be reduced largely accordingly. When compared to cuplock scaffolding, the amount of the ringlock is one third times of it. In this case, the cost can be saved to a large content on the construction site. At the major keel parts, the material belongs to recyclable steel groove type to save the wood beam needed for the ordinary props, which enable to recycle the use of keel and also the attempt to protect the environment.

Uniform and aesthetic in layout
All the ring lock scaffolding parts including the ledgers and horizontal tubes are treated with hot dipped galvanization, which is more durable in the anti-oxidation capacity and more aesthetic.

Saving time and energy
The whole ringlock scaffolding elements are simple so they are easy to remove and alter. The assembly speed is much faster and cost effective in the human forces.