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Economical comparison between ringlock scaffolding and cuplock.

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Economical comparison between ringlock scaffolding and cuplock.
Issue Time:2019-06-14
Safety: the cuplock scaffolding uses ordinary steel tubes of 2.5 -3.2mm, which is more attendant with rust, then the whole scaffolding frame safety will be greatly affected. The average working life of it is five years or so. Whereas, the ringlock scaffolding uses high strength low alloyed steel tubes with a wall thickness of 3.2mm. The two sides of the tube is hot dipped galvanized so the total steel tube products will be rustic proof. The average working life is 20 years or above. So the ringlock scaffolding is more durable and safer to make the whole scaffolding frame stable and sturdy.

Working load bearing: in the cuplock scaffolding, each tube can bear a working load of 2-4 tons while in ringlock scaffolding the bearing capacity is about 20tons. The average load bearing ratio: equals to 7:1.

The usage of steel: erection of about 100 thousand cubic meters of area will use about 2500 tons of steel while the ringlock scaffolding manufacturing steel tubes of 800 tons can satisfy this erection area amount demands. The proportion of materials used in this tow kinds of scaffolding type is 3:1.