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The features of ringlock scaffolding

The features of ringlock scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-06-12
The features  of ringlock scaffold Ring scaffold
Ring scaffold (also called ringlock scaffold,ringlock scaffolding,ringlock scaffols sytem) is widely used in bridge engineering , viaduct, tunnel project, factory building,  power plants, refineries. The special design also make ringlock scaffold suit for the overpasses,storage racking, chimney shelving, water tower and indoor and outdoor decoration, large stage, background, large stage, balcony, modelling, stair system, the party stage , sports stadium and other engineering.
Multiple functions.
According to special requirements, it can make up different kinds of construction scaffolding, such as single row ringlock scaffold, double row ringlock scaffold, supporting frames,  material lifter and so on.

Less components
Less components means convenient erecting. The basic components (ringlock standard ,horizontal…..) and some special components makes the ringlock scaffolding suit for various buildings. The ringlock vertical components,ringlock ledger components & ringlock diagonal components is finished before send out factory. It prevent the parts loosing and save contractor’s money in max possibility . Compare with traditional scaffolding which spare parts easily lost, easily damaged. Second it is no sepeate locking parts, such as the coupler , so it no security risks which maximally prevent the worker’s safe.

High economic
When use ringlock scaffold system ,worker need to put the pin into the hole of rosettle, and then knock tightly.The speed of erecting much faster than triditional scaffolding.

High capacity
Ringlock standard’s axial force transmission makes the system has reliable axial shear in three-dimensional space structure. The overall strength 20% than triditional scaffold.

The horizontal self locking design make’s it safety.