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Requirements on how to build the steel structure scaffolding.

Requirements on how to build the steel structure scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-06-11
Construction arrangement:

The steel tubes used in the project are with the size of 48*3.5 and the erection height shall be lower than 24m. And all the buildings
shall be covered by the planks and green dense meshes.

Erection requirements:

1      According to the erection requirements, all the erection and dismantlement of the scaffolding shall be approved with special plans. The working staff shall be equipped with certificates and wearing safety belts. All the scaffolding for sale shall be tested and checked before  they are put into application.
2      The overall erection shall be horizontal transversely and vertical longitudinally. The connection shall be fixed solid at the foot and all the
scaffolding equipment shall be stable without any deformation. No swaggering at all. The vertical tolerance of the whole scaffolding body  shall be no more than 1/200 less than 10cm. The bearing capacity of the frame body shall be no more than 3000N/m2. On the corner of  the outside scaffolding shall erect vertical ramp for the workers to climb up and down the frame.