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How to deal with lost of scaffolding coupler during construction process

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How to deal with lost of scaffolding coupler during construction process
Issue Time:2019-06-10
For scaffolding coupler is lost, the scaffolding swivel coupler in the site materials is the most valuable, one of the lowest risk coefficient. For three reasons. First, large number, not stolen tomorrow today didn't have to steal. Second, cluttered, an unknown number, in a short period of time is not easy to find. Third, scaffolding coupler itself is small in size, easy to carry and is easily lost. 

It seems that at the scene of the construction of steel pipe scaffolding couplers are more likely to damage and loss, merits to remind the general construction units should strengthen management, especially in the aspect of scaffolding couplers use and remove, which is about more than just the buckle loss problem, but also about the quality of projects and construction personnel safety, and the phenomenon of missing scaffolding couplers on site, we have to ban, rules and regulations to make corresponding management for construction.

Violent disassembling
Technically, scaffolder need show certificates, but the country is in shortage now, there is always no card mount guard or buy the phenomenon of card mount guard. We can see the "new hand" and "old hand" in building scaffolding coupler scaffold on the technology of difference is too big, non-standard operation is also caused by steel pipe scaffold for scaffolding coupler scaffolding coupler loss, even become one of the important reasons of the scaffolding system collapse.