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How to dismantle scaffolding in the right way

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How to dismantle scaffolding in the right way
Issue Time:2019-06-10
If early to dismantle, not dismantle order, in accordance with provisions in the support system in the process of demolition cause concrete structure by the Dutch do not match with structure design, not according to operation procedure form removal, etc.

At this time, we must strengthen the safety technical disclosure, track inspection and guidance to dismantle the construction, to deal with before dismantle concrete strength testing. When the strength of concrete strength to meet the design value of 100%, can dismantle bearing templates and support systems, dismantled order according to the structure of the lotus support system can meet the demands of structure design.

After being natural curing 28 d of concrete, concrete block by supervision engineer to witness inspection and testing results of strength value which is greater than the design strength, by the project department, apply to the supervision engineer, approved by the supervision engineer behind the order demolished according to regulations.

The parameter selection of scaffolding couplings bearing capacity is too big when the design shall fully consider the impact of climate change, such as rain, the rise of ground water level in foundation bearing capacity of foundation soil; Construction of foundation soil compaction is not big enough, the bearing capacity can not meet the design requirements, etc. Response to considering the excavation method of the form, according to the rules in foundation, construction formed after backfill.