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New codes of the steel tubular scaffolding with couplers

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New codes of the steel tubular scaffolding with couplers
Issue Time:2019-05-31
Steel tubular scaffolding with couplers can adopt couplers made of forgeable iron with accordance to national regulation of couplers of  steel tubular scaffolding-GB 15831. For couplers made of other raw materials, testifying them if qualified before being put into real applications.

For the working force on the putlog coupler scaffold of the scaffolding system reaches 65KNM, there shall be no breaks or cracks then.

The divergence of raw materials used on the scaffolding coupler bolts is manifold in the present market. As been proved that most of the bolts happen to be screw skid when the torque force reaches 70 NM. And there shall be no broken accidents on the couplers and bolts as well as the washers if they are working as fixation elements.

scaffolding coupler
Right angle couplers: for connecting crossing tubes and braces.
Sleeve couplers: for connecting butting tubes and braces.
Swivel couplers: for connecting paralleled tubes or slanting crossing tubes.