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The right way to build the cantilevered scaffolding system

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The right way to build the cantilevered scaffolding system
Issue Time:2019-05-30
Requirements on erection of supporting braces type cantilevered scaffolding system. There is need on controlling the working load and the erection shall be done in a stable way. For the building process, the inside scaffolding frame shall be erected prior to other parts to  let the flat tubes protrude the wall body and then fix the diagonal braces to the protruding flat scaffolding tubes. Then following erection goes to the cantilevered part and then planks the scaffolding boards. For the sake of safety purpose, the outside frame shall set with guardrails and toe boards with safety net below.

Tie members: set one tie member every three spans on the horizontal level according to the building’s axial line size. And set one every three to four spans vertically in the shape of plum. The building way of the tie members shall be synchronized with that of the floor standing scaffolding.

All the diagonal tube scaffoldings shall set fastening devices with couplers to make sure all the tubes can bear enough working load once it is tightened.