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How to reduce risks when erecting the steel coupler scaffoldings

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How to reduce risks when erecting the steel coupler scaffoldings
Issue Time:2019-05-30
The risks for the erection of steel scaffoldings lie in stages of scheme design and site construction and management. Information below is recognizing the construction risks in the super high steel coupler formwork supporting system.

The risk factors that are included in the scheme design are load bearing model risks, material property parameter risks, working load risks and the ground foundation strength parameters along with the structural set risks. And what are included in the site construction risks are the deforming risks on the supporting surface, the material risks, the support erection risks, the risks of working load increasing during the construction and the removal risks for the scaffolding body.

Reduce risks in the scheme design.
Design the load bearing model risks. The working load bearing model of the standing tubes in the steel tubular scaffolding with couplers has two kinds: load deliverance from the adjustable jack head on the top of the standing scaffolding tubes and the that from the right angle couplers fixed on the flat scaffolding poles on the top and the standing tubes. The standing tube axle will be in a load bearing state when the adjustable u jack head delivers the working pressure.