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How to make preparation for the erection of frame scaffolding?

How to make preparation for the erection of frame scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-05-25
A     foundation
When erecting the scaffoldings, put backing plates at the bottom and add more thick plywood under it to make sure the load bearing capacity can meet the erection requirements of the whole frame body.

B     frame scaffolding
The span and lift of the frame scaffolding including the narrow scaffold frame shall comply with regulations of industry standard of Steel tubular Frame scaffolding-JGJ128-2000 and shall match the regulations of crossing braces. The installation of frame scaffolding shall be from one end to the other and the erection direction on different floors shall be changed accordingly. When the erection of a scaffolding span is, its horizontal and perpendicular ratio shall be inspected and checked. It is forbidden to mix the use of frame scaffolding with unmatched accessories and elements.

C    Accessories and elements.
The installation of the braces, the bridging ledgers, the vertical frames and the scaffolding boards shall accompany the installation of frame scaffoldings. The crossing braces shall be set around the frame scaffolding and lock the frame with the pins on standing tubes.