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Safety protection for the workers when welding steel structures.

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Safety protection for the workers when welding steel structures.
Issue Time:2019-05-24
Welding process is the most important part when constructing the steel structures. And the working environment features in working at heights, multiple cross workings, working in the open air and vulnerable to the bad weather condition including storm and snow. 

There are much more possibilities for accidents to happen as there are many potential hazards during the steel structure construction process. If the welding can not meet the quality requirements or standards, or any risks resides, it is apt to cause a secondary accident.

Generally speaking, most of the steel tubular scaffoldings are used to erect working platforms; and also can use the assembled scaffoldings or directly use the tool platforms. The triangle traveling formworks made of style steel can have a much wider application.

Using tubular scaffoldings to erect platforms usually fix the steel tubes on the steel beams and cantilever them, planking  scaffold boards on them. It can also use the steel angle to make hanging frames. The assembled scaffoldings use finished frame tubes with pins on both ends and assemble the working platform directly at the site.