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How to lay the scaffolding board correctly

How to lay the scaffolding board correctly
Issue Time:2019-05-23
The planking of the scaffolding boards is the prior process of keeping the lives of workers from danger when they are working at height on the scaffolding planks. The safety ratio of the scaffold boards means the safety of the workers. There are mainly three steps in erecting the planks for scaffolding and each step is interlinked to the other.

First: when using the bamboo or other material for the scaffolding planks, one end of the ledger in the single hole scaffolding shall be fixed to the standing tubes with sleeve couplers and the other end insert into the wall with an insertion length no less than 180mm.

Second: the working platform shall be fully planked to a stable state. At the connection head there shall be two ledgers to join in and the protruding length of the scaffolding shall be 130-150mm. And the total protruding length shall be no more than 300mm.

Third, At the end of the working platform, the protruding length shall be 150mm and both ends of the boards shall fix to the supporting brace.