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How to design and build the double pole scaffolding?

How to design and build the double pole scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-05-22
The total height of scaffolds is 75.75 meters, with double standing tube double pole scaffolding at a lower height of about 46.8meters, which are total about 26 spans; use single standing tubes double pole scaffolding at the higher height of about 28.8 meter, which are total about 16 spans.

Material: steel tubular scaffolding with couplers, 48*35mm steel tubes; scaffolding decks or sacffolding planks, dense mesh and safety nets. The actual erection parameters  :
Spans: 1.8 meters
Vertical space between standing tubes: 1.343meters
Transverse space between standing tubes: 1.2 meters
Horizontal tubes: vertical horizontal tubes set inside the standing tubes with a length no smaller than 3 spans; vertical horizontal tubes shall be fixed with putlog couplers and the couplers shall be crossing placed. Vertical tie members: use 48*3.5mm steel tubes as the tie members and their setting area shall be no bigger than two lifts and three spans. The tie members shall be set from the first level of the scaffolding frame to the horizontal tubes. The tie members shall be set according to the concrete positions and locations.