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The scaffolding foundation treatment and its base installation.

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The scaffolding foundation treatment and its base installation.
Issue Time:2019-05-22
1     Scaffolding planks: the working platform shall be fully planked. If there is any need to put in scaffolding planks for external wall decoration, the scaffolding planks shall be set on four stories. Taking the working load into consideration, it is forbidden to erect more  than 4 levels at one time.

2    The scaffolding foundation use the method of hardening the ground floor and inserting in it the steel reinforced tubes at the refilling site and the refilling soil must be tamped. The elevation of the ground beam is 0.85. Adopt the hardening process from the structural edge to ground beam and carving out drainage ditches.

3     After the treatment of all the foundation, arrange lies position according to the standing tubes space of the structural design and planking the scaffolding toe board and standing tube base plates. Make sure all of them are at the right place at a balanced level. There shall be no suspending below. As double standing tubes will be used at the downside level, the base plate shall be double plates type.