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How to make the scaffolding planks anti-skidding on the surface?

How to make the scaffolding planks anti-skidding on the surface?
Issue Time:2019-05-22
Due to the friction ratio of steel plate is much smaller than that of the wood plate, the steel scaffolding planks shall be strengthened for anti-skidding capacity to assure the working personnel’s safety when they are working at heights.

Major anti-skidding measures we use now are the concave grooves and holes with side-turned up; holes with side turned up, round protruding, rectangular protruding and plum protruding, among which the first three are of the best anti-skidding capacity. There is another anti-skidding measure, i.e. the pressed hole anti-skid process as the protruding type or the plum type have many other defects.

The position setting of the anti-skidding holes shall take into consideration the worker’s standing area so that 3-4 holes will be stepped on for every foot standing. In order to make sure the safety of any crossing construction whenever, the hole diameter shall be of moderate size of being neither too big nor too small. In addition to the anti-skidding capacity, the size of the hole on the scaffolding walking board shall be big enough for workers to put finger in to install, dismantle or move the planks.