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Scaffolding building plan for the steel structure system.

Scaffolding building plan for the steel structure system.
Issue Time:2019-05-21
1 The erection principle:
Ensure safe operation of construction workers. Fully make sure the safety of working staffs and then consider the convenience of access of lifting activities including suspending the columns and beams and also its installation.

2 building method of the scaffoldings:
The scaffolding type for suspending and installing the scaffolding construction plank on the pipe rack and ECU.The steel structure is built as one unit on the ground and the aluminum ladders are tied to the both sides of it and safety ropes on the top for safety harness.

Fabricate safety rope and button with dimension of 1.5m×2m separately for safety harness, specifically, when the safety harness is not long enough to hang on the beam. Even if the space between vertical beams is more than 3 meters, it also will be used. (Dot line)

 3     Scaffolding planks erection type of ladder and platform in the concrete frame of incinerator:
For the scaffolding relatively low off the ground, building it from the ground directly or use the movable frame. For the scaffolding planks close to columns, build it by looping the column to expanding outside.